Glue-Laminated timber

Glue-laminated timber is construction element which is made of lamellar wood that is glued together in parallel direction of fibres. We use special-purpose humidity-proof Dynea melamine-glues.

Construction timber

Besides glue-laminated timber we produce construction timber. It is finger-jointed planed timber that is used in construction sites as beams, rafters and buttresses.

Examples of constructions

To have a better understanding about possible solutions and methods, You can take a look at some examples of constructions.

Professional solutions

Production of glue-laminated timber is certificated in Germany and is in compliance with requirements of DIN 1052. Construction timber is acknowledged by Materials Testing and Developing Institute FMPA (Forschungs- und Materialprüfungsanstalt, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany) and is in compliance with certificate DIN 68140.

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