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AS Liimpuit

We started with the production of glue-laminated timber in 1979 under the name of former Põlva KEK. Since December 1999 we produce besides glue-laminated timber constructions also finger-jointed and planed construction timber. There are 30 people employed in Liimpuit Ltd.

In 2004 we produced 1800m³ glue-laminated and 7500m³ construction timber. Most of the glue-laminated timber was used in Estonia whereas almost all of construction timber was exported to Germany.

Production of glue-laminated timber is certificated in Germany and is in compliance with requirements of DIN 1052. Construction timber is acknowledged by Materials Testing and Developing Institute FMPA (Forschungs- und Materialprüfungsanstalt, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany) and is in compliance with certificate DIN 68140. Accordance with the requirements of the client and quality standards is tested constantly.



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